monteagle Sunday school assembly


Sanctuary: a holy place, a refuge, a harbor or haven. There is perhaps no better word to define the Monteagle Sunday School Assembly. It is the perfect union of spirituality and a purposeful diversion from daily life. It is both a church and community, a Chautauqua and sanctuary. It is a place that is etched in the memory of everyone who has spent time here.

Relaxation & Recreation

In addition to the more serious endeavors in our program, every summer schedule is filled with family-focused events and activities, including tennis and pickleball, yoga, youth dances, hiking trips and bridge lessons along with Mahjongg Monday, cottage tours, movies and porch parties, just to name a few. We host diverse and interesting activities, so every summer is a bit different.  



The Assembly remains true to its heritage, and every summer, members and guests gather to participate in interdenominational religious studies and a robust program of art, theater, literature and public affairs.


our religious programing

Christianity is our guiding light, and religious studies are central to our platform. Every day, you can find an outlet for spiritual growth and support, including twilight prayers, Sunday School, Sunday worship, bible studies, chorus and more. The sanctuary that is Monteagle Assembly is not a room in our chapel but the whole of the experience. To most, MSSA feels like a sacred place.

our chautauqua platform

Faithful to our history, our season encompasses opportunities to foster intellectual growth and explore new talents and interests.  Each week is filled with hands-on activities and community involvement. From gardening and art workshops to timely educational lectures from local, regional and national experts; from readings by guest authors and community service projects to performances from musicians of all types, the opportunities to learn, gain new perspectives, and share our collective wisdom are endless.

Our youth program

Children are at the heart of our community. With an eye toward fostering confidence, tolerance, individuality and a sense of community, our youth program is chock-full of a range of activities, including hiking, camping, family excursions, talent shows, bonfires and hay rides. For children especially, Monteagle Assembly is a place to be yourself, a place to succeed and to fail, a place to grow. For many, their first job is at our snack shop or as part of our youth staff. It is a safe place to explore new interests, find their spiritual connection, and make lifelong friends and lasting memories.

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Part of what makes MSSA unique is the thread of history. Many families who come here are fifth-and sixth-generation Assembly members or guests. To sit on a porch with people who know your parents and grandparents—who have known your children since they were born—represents a connection that is almost lost in today’s transient world. It is an incomparable continuity that shapes the lives of all who come here.

An invitation

Everything we do is enriched by those who participate in our programs, and we welcome guests who embrace our faithfulness to our religious roots and our commitment to the Chautauqua platform. For a weekend or for the season, our renting guests are integral to our social, intellectual and spiritual growth.  We invite you to come and experience this treasure, this holy place, this haven… this sanctuary.



Many of the lovely cottages within the Assembly are available for rent to participants in all or part of our eight-week summer program and during our off-season. Information about both rentals and cottage purchases are available through the MSSA housing office and on our website.